substantial experience

Machine Learning

We have substantial experience in developing Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning solutions with a focus on Oncology. These products have generated novel insights for the customer allowing for improved targeting of therapies and in clinical trial design. 

In addition to our Python and R-based solutions, we also provide a wide variety of workshops, targeted training and literature syntheses in this space.

our core competence

Data Analytics

One of our core competencies is in the area of data analytics. Our team of skilled methodologists, biostatisticians and epidemiologists have considerable research experience in both prospective and retrospective data analytics. Our research expertise spans a large number of different data sources, including;

  • Commercial Databases (U.S and ex-U.S)
  • Public Databases
  • Patient Registries
  • EMR
  • Clinical Trial Data  


Health Economic Modeling

We have considerable expertise in building economic models such as cost effectiveness models, budget impact models, clinico-economic models and other decision analytic models to aid in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) activities, market access activities and internal client assessment activities.

we are specialists

Market Access (MA) Consultancy & Research Activities

We have experts with considerable experience in market access activities both in the U.S as well as ex-U.S. Our team is particularly adept in assisting our clients with key MA strategic planning activities surrounding new product launches, including pricing and reimbursement (P&R) activities.

providing all necessary support

Life Cycle Management Project Support

We provide life cycle management consultancy support for in-line and developmental products for many different therapeutic areas which include project management, data support and strategic planning.

strong team

Publication Support

We have a strong publication support team composed of medical writers and other support personnel that can develop timely, high quality publication deliverables.

data analytics, and machine learning

Capacity Development

We provide targeted workshops, knowledge transfer, in-person as well as online webinars and workshops on technical areas including HEOR, data analytics, and machine learning