About Us

Company Overview

DataMed Solutions LLC.

DataMed Solutions LLC (DMS) was founded in 2009 as a collaborative network of small to medium sized firms specializing in health economics/outcomes research (HEOR). We are a globally focused company, with network associates that span the globe.

Why DMS?

The Genesis of Our Company

The genesis of our company was driven by the realization that our clients were seeking customized, timely, cost-efficient, and customer focused solutions for their unique research and analytic needs.

With our considerable experience both working with the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, we understand and appreciate what our clients require. We are fortunate in that our company has associates with hundreds of person-years of HEOR and pharmaceutical industry experience.

Our associates have also published over 200 manuscripts in main stream HEOR and clinical journals and have presented hundreds of abstracts/poster/podium presentations in HEOR and clinical conferences.

the difference from that of large HEOR consultancy firms

Our Philosophy and Business Model

We value our relationship with our clients and seek to develop long term partnerships with them. We believe that one of our major strengths is that we strive to have a deep and profound understanding of what our clients need in order to make them successful.

We do not rely on ‘off the shelf’ standardized solutions for our clients’ needs. We believe in crafting ‘on-demand’, customized solutions to address our clients’ unique needs.

We do not adhere to a ‘stewardship model’ of project ownership, whereby day to day operational control of a project devolves from a senior researcher to a cadre of junior researchers. Our projects are led by one of our principal partners from inception to conclusion.

There is an old adage, “If you have only hammers, everything looks like nails”. Our operating ethic has always been to ‘think and act out of the box’ and our track record demonstrates this commitment to innovative, high quality research.

In an increasingly inter-connected world, a global worldview and mindset is critical. We are a globally focused organization with a unique business model that is built upon marshalling and focusing the talent of a large number of experts in HEOR from around the world.

We believe in assisting our clients with developing clear and strong value messages that stem from our research and analytical activities. As mentioned above, we have considerable HEOR and pharmaceutical industry experience within our organization, including associates with keen strategic insight into the marketplace.